Raised in West Virginia then raised her family in Ohio!

Cheri Warcholak Lohrey

Meet the Author

Cheri Warcholak Lohrey was born in Virginia and raised in West Virginia, with strong ties to Florida. In 1990, Cheri’s life was forever altered when she, along with her mother and sister, were struck by what she refers to as a “metal beast” of an automobile. This was when she made the first conscious decision to “pivot” so she would not only survive, but thrive.

Four years later, Cheri married her college sweetheart, Scott, and they moved to Ohio where they raised two children and fur babies. After twenty-five years of service as an educator- teacher, and middle school counselor, Cheri and her family decided to pivot toward a climate that would better accommodate her multiple sclerosis. Thus began their new journey in Nevada.

In life and through her writing, Cheri approaches the heavy moments, from the accident to the dark days after the MS diagnosis, with humor and gratitude. Her intention is to empower others with her “never give up” attitude; her hope is that the book will ignite the reader’s desire to Pause, to Breathe, and to Pivot. Powered by the Pivot is Cheri’s first published book.

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