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Walk MS 4.6.24

My story of my I can – Never Give Up approach to life is shared in my bestselling memoir, Powered by the Pivot published in July 2023. In 2004 I completed the Bike MS Pedal to the Point in Ohio in honor of my mother who lived with MS with dignity & Grace until 2002

Find Grace in Moments of Pause: “Have to” vs. “Get to”

In our fast moving world, do we take time to Pause? What makes you pause in your life, feel the present moment and smile? Is it the fragrance of beautiful flowers? Is it scent of spritzing yourself with your favorite perfume?  Is it the gentle nudge from your pet wanting your attention? Is it finding

Coming Soon…

“Everything happens in perfect timing. I trust. I believe. I receive.” 3.19.24 Today I am feeling gratitude for accepting the call to be brave & vulnerable by sharing my story. It is freeing to me and helps me feel a little lighter.  I hope my story helps you with your own challenges in life, a

Hear My Words: 10/23 – 2/24

Would you like to listen to Powered by the Pivot?   October 22, 2023: Meet the Author & Book Signing in Fairmont, West Virginia Thank you for those who attended my first in person book signing. Thank you to my aunt, Sharon Kisner, who organized this lovely gathering and to Sue Montgomery who thoughtfully facilitated

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