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“Everything happens in perfect timing.

I trust. I believe. I receive.”

3.19.24 Today I am feeling gratitude for accepting the call to be brave & vulnerable by sharing my story. It is freeing to me and helps me feel a little lighter.  I hope my story helps you with your own challenges in life, a gentle reminder to Pause, to Breathe and to Pivot. I am thankful that by writing and publishing my journey, I am able to more clearly share my journey. I am trusting & believing in myself and my abilities; as well as,  listening to my gut knowing that I can serve a greater purpose. Sharing my story helps me to still feel relevant in the world.  On Thursday, 3/21/24 Heather Mills, KLAS Morning Anchor, will be sharing my story. I’m thankful for continued connection to Heather following our chance meeting at the Vegas Strong Event Fall 2023.


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