Find Grace in Moments of Pause: “Have to” vs. “Get to”

In our fast moving world,

do we take time to Pause?

What makes you pause in your life, feel the present moment and smile?
Is it the fragrance of beautiful flowers?
Is it scent of spritzing yourself with your favorite perfume? 
Is it the gentle nudge from your pet wanting your attention?
Is it finding humor in your own mistakes?  Then seeing if anyone notices & informs you about you accidentally having your shirt on inside out?


Living with MS, I certainly cannot accomplish all that I used to do in a day.  I am still a “list” person, even though my list looks different than it once did. I still find joy in checking off the boxes.

I am  in the process of  learning to give myself grace and checking off my list in a different way.  A new awareness is present in my life.  I have to listen to my gut knowing that it is unreasonable to put certain things on the list. Each of us needs to be mindful to work in the space of what “I can” do.

I encourage you and myself to be mindful & really feel gratitude. Perseverating on what you used to be able to do, is  unproductive, and also the thief of joy.

It was once a chore to go to the grocery store, but now I celebrate that I can walk in with my cane, use the cart as an assistive tool to get to the produce department, put a handful of items in my cart and checkout. I’m proud that I have worked up the stamina to last through the produce department. I used to “have to” go grocery shopping and now I  think I “get to.” My hubby does the major grocery shopping these days. Goals to continue making progress and also giving myself grace to accept help.

“Just like a flower needs sunlight, air and water, our needs must be met and our souls must be nurtured to grow. Nourish the beauty in you to experience wellness.”

(p.158, Powered by the Pivot)

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